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University Honors Program

The NAU University Honors Program prepares academically motivated students for a global and changing society by cultivating creative problem solving abilities and communication skills through a rigorous, personalized program of study.

Admission Requirements

You may apply to our Honors Program for any academic term by submitting an application on our website. The application for admission includes submitting an essay and resume or list of activities. The prompt for the essay changes from year to year, and is found on our website.

March 1 is our first priority admission date. Students who apply and are accepted to Honors by March 1 can be assured they will be identified as Honors students in time for on-campus room selection and priority enrollment through Orientation. May 1 is our second priority by admission date. We encourage applications submitted by May 1 as we cannot guarantee space in the program after this date.

You may also be admitted to the program if you are a transfer student with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher in at least 30 units of college course work. Transfer students should submit an application, essay and resume through our website. We normally accept Honors courses taken at other academic institutions for credit in our program.

We admit current Northern Arizona University students to the Honors Program with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher in at least 12 Northern Arizona University units. Current NAU students should submit an application, essay and resume through our website.

Continuation and Graduation Requirements

The Honors Program requires that you have a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or better to graduate “with University Honors” from Northern Arizona University. To remain in active status in the Honors Program, you must meet particular grade point average and satisfactory progress requirements, depending on your academic level.

UnitsMinimum Honors Units
0-29 6
30-59 12
60-89 12
90+ 15

If at any time you fall below this grade point average requirement, you are considered to Honors probation," and have two subsequent terms to bring your average back up to the minimum required for your academic level.

During your first and second terms on Honors probation, you may continue taking honors courses and receive all benefits of being in the Honors Program. After the second term of probation, if your grade point average does not meet the established requirement, you will be ineligible to continue with the Honors Program.

To complete the University Honors Program and obtain the designation “with University Honors” on your transcript, you must:

  • be admitted to the Honors Program and remain in active status within the program during your undergraduate career;
  • complete at least 21 units (9 at NAU) of classes with an HON prefix or an "H" ending (example: ENG 270H);
  • maintain a 3.30 cumulative GPA;
  • fulfill the program requirements listed below.

Program Requirements

The University Honors Program is a path to completing the university's liberal studies, or general education, requirement. Honors students complete the following as a part of the university's liberal studies requirements:

  • HON 190: Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing
  • One Honors Topic Seminar: HON 291 (AHI), 292 (CU), 293 (SAS), or 294 (SPW)( Combined with HON 190, these two courses also fulfill University English composition foundation requirements)
  • One Honors Advanced Seminar: HON 391 (AHI), 392 (CU), 393 (SAS), or 394 (SPW)
  • Honors Capstone Experience: HON 491C or 4XXH associated with a major capstone (3-6 Units)

An additional 6-9 Honors units (e.g., ENV 101H, HON 240 etc.) are needed for a total of 21 Honors units

Students also complete the following:

  • PreCalculus level mathematics or higher (MAT 125)
  • First year proficiency in a second language (102 level) OR mathematics competency through Calculus II (MAT 137)
  • Honors Pathways Requirement: Students are required to participate in five Pathway experiences (a series of non-credit programs or activities from an approved list) by the time they graduate. A minimum of three pathways must be completed prior to the student's third year and are required before taking the advanced Honors seminar

Transfer credit and credit by exam can be applied as permitted in the undergraduate catalog.

Honors Course Search. Enter the prefix HON in the course subject field to see a list of honors courses.