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 In our grading system, students can receive the following grades:



A — excellent

B — above average

C — average

D — below average

F — fail

P — credit*

I — incomplete

W — withdraw

AU — audit

A — superior

B — satisfactory

C — lowest grade acceptable for graduate credit

D — not acceptable for graduate credit

F — fail

P — pass*

I — incomplete

W — withdraw

AU — audit

IP — thesis, dissertation, final project, fieldwork, or internship

*Please note that some courses have mandatory pass-fail grading. However, most graduate courses are graded on a letter-grade basis, and you may not elect a pass-fail option in graduate courses that are graded on a letter-grade basis.

Undergraduate Grading

To provide you early feedback and allow you to work with faculty and academic support staff to improve your academic performance, Northern Arizona University provides mid-term grades in certain undergraduate courses during fall and spring terms. You can find your mid-term grades for 100- and 200-level courses on the LOUIE system . (Be aware that each instructor must evaluate your academic performance and convey to you a clear understanding of your progress before the deadline for withdrawing from sixteen-week courses, which is usually the end of the ninth week of the term, whether or not mid-term grades are provided in that course. See the Registrar's website for exact dates.)

Then, at the end of each term, your instructor does a final evaluation of your work and submits a letter grade to indicate how well you have met the course objectives. You can find your final grades on the LOUIE system. (Please be aware that we also make your grades available to your advisor and Northern Arizona University’s Dean of Students as well as to the Arizona high school and/or community college you previously attended, if applicable.)

Note that grades for courses ending in an "x" are not used to compute your grade point average or to fulfill graduation requirements.

Graduate Grading

At the end of each term, instructors do a final evaluation of student work and turn in a letter grade to the Registrar’s Office to indicate how well the student has met the course objectives. (Each faculty member must also evaluate students before the middle of the term to give them a clear understanding of their progress in the course at that time.)

Students can appeal

See “Grade Appeals, All Students” for procedures.

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