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End-of-Term Week Policies

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NAU is committed to the academic success of our students. The following policy has been developed to ensure that students are not overly burdened at the end of the term with non-academic activities, new course assignments, or evaluations of their work which are not in accord with generally accepted University practice, precedent or policy. This policy applies to both graduate and undergraduate programs.

The End-of-Term Week Policy applies to the week preceding final examinations from 12:01 a.m. on Monday to 11:59 p.m. Friday.

  1. Student groups and organizations are not to schedule concerts, major social events, or any activity which might conflict with academic studies, except on weekends. Events scheduled by parties external to the university which require attendance by NAU students are exempt from this policy.
  2. No off-campus Intercollegiate Athletic competitions may be scheduled during End-of-Term Week or Finals Week unless such competition is part of the approved Big Sky Conference scheduling or NCAA tournament or championship. Exceptions to this policy must be granted by the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee.
  3. No off-campus competitions involving student academic or student affairs organizations or Club Sport Athletic teams may be scheduled during End-of-Term Week or Finals Week unless such competition is scheduled by a regional or national organization of which the local organization is a member. Exceptions to this policy must be granted by the College Dean and/or the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.
  4. Faculty members are not to schedule field trips or major examinations during End-of-Term Week.
  5. Faculty members may schedule quizzes, laboratory examinations, capstone projects, recitals, clinical practica, presentations and internship reports (oral or written) during End-of-Term Week. Individualized instruction courses that are self-paced and allow students to elect when to take the final exam may conduct the final examination during End-of-Term Week. Academic Departments and Faculty may schedule make-up examinations during End-of-Term Week.
  6. Major research papers should be assigned as early as practical in the semester, but are due no later than Friday of the End-of-Term Week for 15-week courses. For 8-week courses ending at the same time as 15-week course, major research papers are due no later than Monday of Finals Week.
  7. Take-home final examinations, or their equivalent, are due at the time scheduled for the final examination or during final exam week if the course does not have a specific meeting time, e.g. web courses.
  8. Under no circumstances will a final exam in any course be moved to End-of-Term Week, with or without the unanimous consent of the students in the course, except as noted in item 5 above.
  9. End-of-Term Week policies relative to final exams do not apply to 8-week or other short-format courses offered in the first part of the semester. The policy does, however, apply to 8-week courses with the same end date as 15-week courses.
  10. For the purposes of this policy, quizzes (item 5 above) are defined as any testing evaluation composing 10 percent or less of the total points available in the course.

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