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Graduate students do not normally repeat courses. But, if a grade of "D" or "F" is received in a graduate course, students may repeat that course, with advisor approval.

The repeated course does not replace the grade for the prior course; if a course is repeated, both grades are used in the computation of the overall grade point average (GPA). Units earned for repeated courses may only be used once to fulfill graduation requirements.

General Procedure

Graduate students who wish to repeat a course must submit the Graduate Course Repeat Enrollment form, available on the Graduate College or Registrar’s Office website.

Special Circumstances

Possible Impacts of Repeating Courses: Students need to be aware that repeating a class could affect financial aid or eligibility for certain programs. Students who are receiving financial aid should check with a financial-aid counselor about course-repeat rules.

Students who are veterans, athletes, international students, recipients of tribal funding, etc., may be affected by additional rules associated with course repeats. Check with appropriate departments for more information.

Students can petition for exception

Graduate students may petition for an exception to any academic, non-grade-related, graduate regulation for which there is no specific petition process. Petitions should be submitted, in writing, to the Associate Dean of the Graduate College.

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